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Monthly Writing Contests


Hi there, SFWA members,


SFWA is thrilled to announce that Jeff Dorn has returned as our Contest Director!

He has a list of Topics which will be posted shortly. 

He is also reinstating the monthly "Merit Award" as he did in the past. This time, the award will be an antique British shilling. Not the new coinage. These bear the image of George V, grandson of Queen Victoria. The great-grandfather of the current reigning monarch, King Charles III.


I get a tingly feeling to think of the possible history of these coins.


Some of these same shilling coins (minted from 1910 to 1936), when shiny and new, may have graced the palms of  such titans of literature as George Orwell, Agatha Christie, Rudyard Kipling, Virginia Woolf, Dylan Thomas, Beatrix Potter, W. Somerset Maugham, Daphne Du Maurier, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and so many others! Maybe they even bought a pen, a sheaf of foolscap paper, or a bottle of ink with it!

Submissions must be received no later than our monthly meeting. You can email your submissions to at this link: Jeffrey Dorn.

Winners will be announced at the following  monthly meeting and will be presented with a beautiful certificate. The Special Merit Award will be announced at that time. 

First place winner may also claim a prize of up to $25 toward the entry fee for submission of the winning work to any major contest of the author's choosing, national or international. Winner must show the contest submission receipt to claim the $25 from the Treasurer within 60 days of award date. We do not publish winning entries without the author's consent, to preserve its "unpublished" status for contest submission.

Submission fees:
One article $3, two articles $5, and three articles $7.

Fee is $5 for any piece of more than 10 pages.  All entry fees are non-refundable.


New topics and prompts will be posted soon.


Last Month's Winners:


An Agatha Christie Type mystery with the following components:

A female detective;
An animal; and
An unlikely romance 


 1st Prize, Memoir: "Quartet: Four stories, sketches from Spain." by Jonathan Rose: 

 1st Prize, Animals and Nature: "Sophie Finds Her Home: A Feline Poirot Adventure" by Connie Goodman-Milone 

 1st Prize, Poetry: Ricki Dorn, for "Cold Cases: A Murderous Rhyme"

 1st Prize, Short Story: Murder at the Boathouse: 
 by Patrick Ward

 1st Prize, Juvenile Fiction: "The Mystery of Whispering Willow Creek: The Hidden Invitation" by Beverly Melasi-Haag 


This month, for the first time ever, Jeffrey Dorn awarded two Special Merit awards: To Patrick Ward, and to Beverly Melasi-Haag.


Congratulations to both!


MARCH 2024
Going on a journey from which they will will never return.

First prize winner, and winner of the Special Merit Award Silver English shilling:

Short Story:

Ron Feldheim, The Story I Didn't Want To Write.


April 2024
A person, when grown up, realized  that their parent is not who they thought they were. 

Short Story:

1st Prize: Jo Avent, A Son's Reflection,
    Jo Avent also wins this month's Special Merit Silver English shilling award.


2nd Prize: Pat Bonner Milone:  Marlena's Secret


1st Prize: Beverly Melasi-Haag The Truth About Grandma

2nd Prize: Ricki Dorn, What A Surprise!

3rd Prize: Javier Castano (Jay Cano): Discernment


1st Prize: Javier Castano (Jay Cano) Good Bye, My Dear Old Father

2nd Prize: Carla Albano, The Math Teacher

Novel: Javier Castano (Jay Cano): Chapter 27.


May 2024:

Good or bad advice given by a (non-human) animal.


June 2024:



July 2024:



August 2024:



September 2024:



October 2024:



November 2024:



December 2024:



Janurary  2025:


Additional Publishing Opportunities

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Access several writing, grants and poetry contests.

Database provided by Poets & Writers Magazine. 

Writers Digest Contest

For a variety of different contests with numerous deadlines and genre. Tips and other resources are also included. 

Bridle Path Press

The publication is seeking submissions to publish on the website--short poems. 

Bedford Competition

The Bedford Competition 2023 is still accepting submissions for short stories and poetry. The competition is open until the 31st October. This year’s prize money has increased and the entry fees stayed the same as last year. We are a not-for-profit organisation and your entry contributes to our donations to local and international charities.To see the terms, submission process and competition rules Go the website

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