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Monthly Meetings

The next meeting will be

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Pinecrest Library, 5835 SW 111th Street, Pinecrest, FL

This is a hybrid, in-person and Zoom meeting.

Zoom login: 

Member Readings!


   For October's meeting, we are featuring Member Readings, this time for prose.


   Fiction or non-fiction readings of your own work. Because we are allowing each reader up to eight           minutes, we can have only ten readers at the most, so, please sign up early by emailing Holly White.

   As a guide, the average speaking voice is about 220 words per minute, so eight minutes is about 1700 words, allowing for pauses, etc. You can probably use your phone to time yourself. 

   Even better, use your phone to rehearse.  Record yourself. On video. Watch it. Notice any parts your         stumbling over. Practice, but use your recording to make sure you practice doing it well.

   It's a great opportunity to practice a reading that you might do at a book event. 

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