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I'm a 64-year old native Miamian and a retired law enforcement detective. I've loved to write since I was about eight years old. I wrote about anything and everything, whether it was a poem or about our school softball game. My Dad was a boat builder and I grew up sailing all over Biscayne Bay, the Keys, and the Bahamas, so I have a love of the ocean and the Everglades. I retired from Miami-Dade PD in 2006, and since that time I've been teaching Criminal Justice at Coral Reef Senior High, and also running my private investigation agency. My life and career in South Florida is rich with unique and often bizarre experiences, and I've never been lacking of material to write about. I've just finished a memoir, "Badge, Tie, and Gun: A Homicide Cop Draws Back the Curtain on Miami's Era of Cocaine and Murder." I'm currently seeking representation and I am in communication with an editor from a major publisher. I wrote a short how-to called "The Ten Must-Haves to Be a Great Detective", and I've also been begun work on a novel based on marijuana smuggling in south Florida. I've written a couple of poems and a song about the death of my daughter. I have six kids from two marriages, but share a very happy empty nest with my wife. I love music, good books both in non-fiction and fiction genres, and good bourbon. I'm also a big football fan, and I'm fascinated with languages. If those interests seem to conflict, you may have correctly divined that I'm not interested in fitting into anyone's categories or stereotypes.


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