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Louis Lowy

By Ricki Dorn

Mort Laitner and Ricki Dorn Represent SFWA at Funeral of Member Louis K. Lowy

On Tuesday Feb. 28, 2023, Ricki and Jeffrey Dorn and Mort Laitner attended the funeral service for Louis Lowy in Hollywood, FL

Mourners who joined his family –wife Carol, son Chris (a Japanese literature professor) and daughter Katie (in the wine industry)—included his musician buddies, firefighter brothers, and academics (professors and friends) from FIU. John DuFresne, his creative writing professor (published author as well as former guest speaker at a SFWA Mango Writers Conference) was present. The firefighters Color Guard wore formal dress unforms.

After family members spoke about Louis, Ricki told how he had been a student in her seventh grade English class at Palm Springs Jr High, in Sept. 1964. As a young teen, he was competent, confident. poised, and focused—just as he became in adulthood. An A student then.

Louis’s wife and grown children are not Jewish but Louis was and wanted a Jewish funeral, which he had—plain pine coffin, bible prayers led by a rabbi, and mourners who put shovels full of dirt into the open grave. A celebration of life party followed at the home of one of Louis’s three siblings—Allen Lowy. His sisters Roberta and Linda were there too. Imperial Chicken with rice and cheese casserole, salad, plantains, gourmet desserts, and the usual assortment of booze were served.

Amid photos of family and friends with Louis at varying ages on every shelf and surface, everyone seemed relaxed and grateful for the company of each other and conversed extensively.

Last week, before Louis’s passing, Mort Laitner established a Louis K. Lowy Day from South Florida Writers Association, and publicized the writ, which he shared with the family.

Rest in peace, dear Louis, and keep getting A’s in Heaven as you did here on earth. You left your marks: music, firefighting, novels, friendship, light, and love.

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